TS2000 Serial port issues /Remote head issues also

This is to share a little bit of knowledge that I have gained, and could save someone else a lot of time and trouble.

I’ve had a bit of an issue for a while with the TS2000 dropping serial connections, but this became worse after the whole interlink courier issue. Anyway connecting using HRD (default for debugging) would show the PC icon on the display but the software would not connect, like wise at the same point the Remote head connector stopped providing power for the RC-2000. Now thanks to the Yahoo Group KENWOOD ts2000 Adjustments (Adjust_ts2000) I brought the issue up with the list asking for ideas. Perry K4PWO came back with an instant response.. “the Max202, which deals with the +/- 12v to the serial port has failed” returning the radio to the repair company and they confirmed this was the issue.

Now there where two things I could have done at this point a) Replace the MAX202 or b) Replace the serial port with a USB port. Doing the latter would have given me more space to route cables through the rear panel but would have also put more strain on the main board. So I went with repairing the MAX202 which has solved the whole issue.

Hopefully this little snippet of information will help someone else out greatly.

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