CTCSS stands for Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System, basically it is exactly the same tones that a telephone keypad has when operating menus in an automated system. In order to open a repeater you need the correct tone.

CTCSS tone letter codes.
Tone A = 67.0Hz Tone B = 71.9Hz Tone C = 77.0Hz
Tone D = 82.5Hz Tone E = 88.5Hz Tone F = 94.8Hz
Tone G = 103.5Hz Tone H = 110.9Hz Tone J = 118.8Hz
(S) special case 100.0Hz GB3FM


CTCSS by County allocation.
   County Tone Frequency
A Aberdeenshire A 67.0 Hz
Angus F 94.8 Hz
Anglesey H 110.9 Hz
Antrim H 110.9 Hz
Argyll and Bute G 103.5 Hz
Avon J 118.8 Hz
Ayrshire G 103.5 Hz
B Bedfordshire C 77.0 Hz
Berkshire J 118.8 Hz
Border Counties J 118.8 Hz
Buckinghamshire C 77.0 Hz
C Cambridgeshire F 94.8 Hz
Caithness C 77.0 Hz
Channel Islands B 71.9 Hz
Cheshire G 103.5 Hz
Cleveland J 118.8 Hz
Clwyd H 110.9 Hz
Cornwall C 77.0 Hz
Cumbria C 77.0 Hz
D Derbyshire B 71.9 Hz
Devon C 77.0 Hz
Dorset B 71.9 Hz
Down H 110.9 Hz
Dumfries and Galloway G 103.5 Hz
Durham J 118.8 Hz
Dyfed F 94.8 Hz
E Essex H 110.9 Hz
F Fermanagh H 110.9 Hz
Fife F 94.8 Hz
G Glamorgan F 94.8 Hz
Gloucestershire J 118.8 Hz
Greater London D 82.5 Hz
Greater Manchester D 82.5 Hz
Gwent F 94.8 Hz
Gwynedd H 110.9 Hz
H Hampshire B 71.9 Hz
Hereford and Worcester J 118.8 Hz
Hertfordshire D 82.5 Hz
Highland (West Coast and Islands) E 88.5 Hz
Highland (East Coast) A 67.0 Hz
Humberside E 88.5 Hz
I Isle of Man H 110.9 Hz
Isle of Wight B 71.9 Hz
K Kent G 103.5 Hz
L Lanarkshire G 103.5 Hz
Lancashire D 82.5 Hz
Leicestershire C 77.0 Hz
Lincolnshire B 71.9 Hz
London D 82.5 Hz
Londonderry H 110.9 Hz
Lothians F 94.8 Hz
M Merseyside D 82.5 Hz
N Norfolk F 94.8 Hz
Northamptonshire C 77.0 Hz
Northern Isles C 77.0 Hz
Northumberland J 118.8 Hz
North Yorkshire J 118.8 Hz
Nottinghamshire B 71.9 Hz
O Orkney C 77.0 Hz
Oxfordshire J 118.8 Hz
P Perthshire F 94.8 Hz
Powys G 103.5 Hz
S Shropshire G 103.5 Hz
Somerset C 77.0 Hz
South Yorkshire B 71.9 Hz
Staffordshire North G 103.5 Hz
Staffordshire South A 67.0 Hz
Suffolk H 110.9 Hz
Surrey D 82.5 Hz
Sussex (East and West) E 88.5 Hz
T Tyne and Wear J 118.8 Hz
Tyrone H 110.9 Hz
W Warwickshire A 67.0 Hz
West Midlands A 67.0 Hz
West Yorkshire D 82.5 Hz
Wiltshire Northern J 118.8 Hz
Wiltshire Southern B 71.9 Hz
Worcestershire J 118.8 Hz

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