Metric System.

The Basics of the Metric System, Many of these are not relevant to the radio amateur! but if we consider 1 metre is 100cm (10-3m) or 1000mm (10-6m)

Name symbol Value
yottometre Ym 1024m
zettametre Zm 1021m
exametre Em 1018m
petametre Pm 1015m
terametre Tm 1012m
gigametre Gm 109m
megametre Mm 109m
kilometer km 103m
hectometre hm 102m
decametre dam 101m
metre  m
decimetre dm 10-1m
centimetre cm 10-2m
millimetre mm 10-3m
micrometre µm 10-6m
nanometre nm 10-9m
picometre pm 10-12m
femtometre fm 10-15m
attometre am 20-18m
zepometre zm 10-21m
yoctometre ym 10-24m


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