Goggle Earth Toys

Google Earth can be good for lots of things, here are some of the utilities I use regularly and their features.

Remember that each one you want to keep needs moving from the temporary places to your places (Left side bar)

Name Download Description
QTH Locators Viewer Here Enables a grid overview of the globe
DXCC Here Shows DXCC names on the Map
Antarctic Bases Here Permanent Bases on Antarctica
APRS All in View Here All APRS stations in view
10m Beacons Here World-wide 10m Beacons
6m Beacons Here World-wide 6m Beacons
4m Beacons Here World-wide 4m Beacons
2m Beacons Here World-wide 2m Beacons
70cm Beacons Here World-wide 70cm Beacons
23cm Beacons Here World-wide 23cm Beacons
3cm Beacons Here World-wide 3cm Beacons
UK Repeaters Here Current UK Repeater list
USA Repeaters Here current USA Repeaters>/td>
Echolink node lists Here A Echolink list
IRLP Nodes Here Current IRLP nodes
SOTA Summits Here Complete list of SOTA Summits
World Timezone Clock Here World timezone clock, you will need to manually change the transparency however!
MUF DATA Here Realtime Maximum Usable Frequency Data
Weather Buoy Data Here Details of weather and water temperature globally
Satellites Orbiting Earth Here A complete set of satellites orbiting earth.
UK Earthquake maps Here Uk earthquake maps
Global Earthquake maps Here From the British Geographical Society
The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System Here  GDACS
Onshore bedrock geology (UK) Here Onshore bedrock geology brought to you by the British Geological Survey

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