There are four types of propagation they are

  1. Surface Wave
  2. Space Wave
  3. Tropospheric
  4. Ionospheric

The Ionospheric wave propagation is very important to MF/HF users and of no interest to VHF/ UHF users. Whilst the space and surface wave are both ground waves that behave differently. The surface wave follows the curvature of the earth and works directly with the earth whilst the Space wave works differently, the space wave actually works as a reflection from masts many wavelengths above the ground. No part of the wave except the reflection normally come into contact with the ground.

Ionospheric propagation works in a more clearly defined way whilst it is still not understood in its entirety, more can be found in any good Ham publication on Ionospheric Propagation.

Propagation Reports

144 MHz Es in EU Status
70 MHz Es in EU Status
50 MHz Es in EU Status
144 MHz Es in NA Status
Today’s MUF & Es by MMMonVHF Status
Solar X-rays Status
Geomagnetic Field Status
HF Prediction Tools

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