A.S.R.A and the Scottish Convention

Well this week see’s the first A.S.R.A convention and I am going to be doing a talk at 10:30am on What A.S.R.A is. I am really looking forwards to this, I am hoping that it will have an attendance as…
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Site Update

Over the next few days I will be completely updating the Weather station templating software and I’ve noticed errors in the CMS so a complete overhaul and look into what is working and what needs fixing. So the structure may…
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Updates to the website

I’ve spent a couple of hours sorting out the menu system and updating some pages, including the CW page, which was messy (it still is a bit but less so) So the Menu’s are less cluttered, and have a better…
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Site updates

Added a page on 70MHz Yagi (long boom) and Antenna Baying and stacking. Also updated the Nav and edited some pages within the training section

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