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A Moment of Insanity!

Prior to promotion one job had me working in an office with programmers and designers. Now many programmers wouldn’t cope with this distraction. However I found it interesting as I do dabble in graphics for my own personnal sites. The…
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Hacking attempts

The last three days have seen attempted hacks from across the planet, the latest being ho-chi-min city (Vietnam), however, they are all currently being deflected by the site security. So if you have an account please make sure you are…
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Raspberry Pi – Arduino Shield Adapter

Just acquired this in the post this morning, ordered from sometime ago and had forgotten about, maybe its time to have a play with APRS gateways? Any other suggestions would be welcomed 🙂

The Scottish Amateur Radio and Electronics Convention

Sunday 7th May 2017. ASRA Present “The Scottish Amateur Radio and Electronics Convention” at the Braehead Arena, Kings Inch Road, Glasgow, G51 4BN. Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm. Talks, Traders, RSGB, GMDX and more. Disabled access and…
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Chickens at the QTH

Well we’ve been talking about having chickens for a while, then all of a sudden, a couple of people offer us them, so like my friend Len (GM0ONX) we will have chickens. Hopefully if all works out well, we can…
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Keeping masts running smooth

I have a large (10m) Aluminium mast that was catching, and I made the mistake last year of using Grease, which not only turns black, but is generally a pain to get off everything. This year I am using PTFE…
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Pt1 of APRS a beginners guide is now here

Part one of APRS for a beginner is here with an overview. Further parts will deal with APRS packets. how to set up your own phone or transceiver and program functionality #APRS (scheduled post)


Welcome to the new site of MM0ZIF located in Scotland!

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