Weather @ Saltcoats now running well

Welll the template at has been updated   Hopefully people will find the new data useful. included in this new release: Better dials, forecast models from different places etc. Go on have a look you know you want to!…
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Weather Latest updates

The weather pages here are now running the latest itteration of software! check it out here   I you would like to learn more about the weather why not purchase this ace book and learn more? 110

WX back online as of today

My replacement parts arrived so now the WX is running again


due to a failed component the Wx station is down until a replacement part arrives

WX issue Solved

online WX is now back available at

WX Down again

Due to a PC fault the wx is currently down. Apologies until this is fixed

WX station technical difficulties

The Weather station is currently down, due to repairs after storm damage. I will seek to rectify this asap.

Storm Desmond – SEPA Warning

SEPA warnings of Flooding Metoffice Warnings

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