Post and Listening

Todays post came, and I now have the IR sensor board for the shack security system now all I am waiting on is the Arduino to build it with. On a side note I am currently listening on 145.265 and…
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Rotator updates

Well everything has arrived for the new mast, so I thought I’d check the rotator functionality out and get the whole thing wired and serviced. It was brought as a KenPro 450 some time ago, however now I have my…
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Antenna’s and Trees PTII

Well after a couple of people pointed out that the Tonna H frame has to have the elements of the bottom two antenna’s mounted upside down :S here is the change, I’ve also moved the 4m Ringo of this and…
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Antenna and Trees! (not the green kind)

So today the Stub mast arrived, and I wasted no time in putting the antenna’s that I am going to use on it. Unfortunately the 70cm Beam is corroded beyond repair so I will have to replace that, but that…
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23cm stuff.

Today I got some new gear, some 23cm antenna’s a H-Frame and a power splitter. I’ve got a pole to go up now, and the 2m beam is ready, so now just got to find a new pair of T&K’s…
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Lothian Radio Society talk on APRS

Here is the review 🙂

Innovantennas 144mhz LFA

Whilst I should photograph more of the process, here is the built up Innovantenna’s 144mhz 7 element LFA Yagi it comes in a 8′ tube and wasn’t actually that hard to build and tune. The hardest bit was being unable…
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VHF NFD – antenna joy

Ok so I didn’t notice that I had to give notice for VHF NFD (Doh) but I am still planning on being active under KLARC’s callsign and Today my the new 7 Element LFA made by Innovantennas arrived. YAY so we’re…
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Diamond MX3000N Triplexer

I’ve been awaiting the cash to purchase a Triplexer, I ordered from Martin Lynch and Sons, at 16-30 yesterday to have it arrive first class today!! So now Without adaptors I can use 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Band Rating 2m…
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4m 5/8 Vertical

I purchased a new antenna for 4m and this is from Nevada Radio its a full 5/8 wave and uses a wheel format (See pictures) Firstly it arrived in a massive box with a shed load of padding (well done)…
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