Practical Wireless 2016 70MHz Constest

Today my parcel from Geoff at DXShop arrived a 6 element beam the tube it arrived in was 3 meters long, and the Delivery man asked what was in it. “Adult Toys” I replied, he buckled, and a woman over…
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Antenna’s and Trees PTII

Well after a couple of people pointed out that the Tonna H frame has to have the elements of the bottom two antenna’s mounted upside down :S here is the change, I’ve also moved the 4m Ringo of this and…
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Antenna and Trees! (not the green kind)

So today the Stub mast arrived, and I wasted no time in putting the antenna’s that I am going to use on it. Unfortunately the 70cm Beam is corroded beyond repair so I will have to replace that, but that…
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Noble Radio NR-4SCA Review

The Noble Radio produces 3 radio’s currently a 50Mhz SSB/CW rig, a 70Mhz rig called the NR-4SC and the one I am going to review here the NR-4SCA, the first difference between the NR-4SC and the NR-4SCA is aesthetics. The…
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Noble Radio NR-4SCA

So you may have seen Noble’s first attempt but this one looks far better and is much more reponsive, there are some pro’s and con’s but I will go onto them shortly here is the picture for a start. 135…
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70mhz Linear kit

http://dutchrfshop.nl/ham-radio/4-meter-band/onderdelen-kit-150-watt-vhf-eindtrap.html?___store=en&___from_store=nl   looks promising 4000

Diamond MX3000N Triplexer

I’ve been awaiting the cash to purchase a Triplexer, I ordered from Martin Lynch and Sons, at 16-30 yesterday to have it arrive first class today!! So now Without adaptors I can use 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Band Rating 2m…
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4m 5/8 Vertical

I purchased a new antenna for 4m and this is from Nevada Radio its a full 5/8 wave and uses a wheel format (See pictures) Firstly it arrived in a massive box with a shed load of padding (well done)…
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