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A Moment of Insanity!

Prior to promotion one job had me working in an office with programmers and designers. Now many programmers wouldn’t cope with this distraction. However I found it interesting as I do dabble in graphics for my own personnal sites. The…
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A.S.R.A and the Scottish Convention

Well this week see’s the first A.S.R.A convention and I am going to be doing a talk at 10:30am on What A.S.R.A is. I am really looking forwards to this, I am hoping that it will have an attendance as…
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Review – Clever Dog Wifi Cameras

This is the Review of the Clever Dog Wifi Camera’s I have had installed here at the QTH. I had some local idiot Scratching my car, the Police as you would expect said that there was little they could do,…
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GB3AY Hoaxers

The hoaxers have got a bit out of hand, using my Callsign to shout a mayday.. This has got to stop now! 177

QRO 9:1 Unun

The MM0ZIF 1KW 9:1 Balun

So I wanted to play about with longwires and needed to build a high power Unun. I’ve read and re-read books like Jerry Sevick (W2FMI)’s Understanding, building and using Baluns and Ununs, and various other books including the ARRL antenna…
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Metric or Imperial. Put Up or Shut up!

Well the UK used to use the Imperial weights and measures but as anyone who knows a lot will know that Imperial is not as accurate as metric when it all comes down to it. Personal bugbears: To build a…
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The Great Chilli Escapade! Tescos

Well many of you may have noticed that in the news this last few weeks Tesco’s has been advertising the worlds hottest Chilli pepper the Carolina Reaper, now they also sell the worlds third hottest chilli pepper, but that is…
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Rotator updates

Well everything has arrived for the new mast, so I thought I’d check the rotator functionality out and get the whole thing wired and serviced. It was brought as a KenPro 450 some time ago, however now I have my…
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Repeater Jamming !

I noticed that there was an article on QRZNow that RFinder is now allowing users to report Jamming and allow people like AROS access to its data. So if you hear a repeater being blocked please report it via this…
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WX issue Solved

online WX is now back available at

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