About Marcus

My Name as you may Have guessed is Marcus, I’ve a interesting history, from a young age I was involved within music, as a  percussionist, Tuba player (contrabass), guitarist, conductor, composer and vocalist. I hold a Doctorate in Musicology, but that was before I entered the world of Work.marcus

Following leaving Academia I discovered I was actually quite a good programmer, and an event better application Architect, I worked for a number of Major bluechip clients including Microsoft, IBM and Vodacom group. In 2000 my health which has never been the best took a real tumble and I was diagnosed with PTSD, CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and Fibromyalgia. This led to years of experimental medical treatments, a Lyme Disease diagnosis and a broken marriage.

In 2010, I met my 2nd Wife Anna, and we have a real connection, we have two children together, Adam and Eliza-Willow, and a third on the way. Anna is licenced as MM6WYF, and whilst not always active does enjoy the radio.

When we moved to Saltcoats, I became involved in founding “Saltcoats Community Action” which was initially aimed at providing community events, this saw the towns Xmas lights restored, I chaired the group for two years before becoming jaded with the movement to ‘only do xmas lights’ which I felt was a betrayal of what we had started out to do. so in 2016 there was an option to found a new community council and I jumped at the chance to again do some good in the community, the final vote is on the 14/04/2017. I am also involved in Locality Planning as well.

In 2014 I became the RSGB Region One Manager, for Scotland South and the Western Islands.

In 20016 I started work on a new group, 3 Towns Technology Group and that is currently awaiting charitable status.

That brings us to the Founding of the Association of Scottish Radio Amateurs in 2017, The group was founded to run the “Scottish Amateur Radio and Electronics Convention” at the Braehead Arena on May 7th, But it has been decided that ASRA should become the premier group for voicing the concerns of Scottish Radio amateurs, and promoting Scottish Radio as a hobby.

I am also a member of Glasgow and Clyde Raynet. One of my other interests is Mesh networking.

Outside Amateur Radio I enjoy being out and about with my Family, and reading. My favorite author is still Terry Brooks, although I am quite partial to Neal Stephenson as well.

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