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A Moment of Insanity!

Prior to promotion one job had me working in an office with programmers and designers. Now many programmers wouldn’t cope with this distraction. However I found it interesting as I do dabble in graphics for my own personnal sites. The one thing it taught me is that if your project is going to look professional you need an Image, one that everyone can reference and use. So if suddenly I became ill, someone else would know the exact colour ‘blue’ I was using and the correct font for headers, body text and the likes and more importantly the correct sizes.

Now I’ve just been working on some artwork for another group, and I bet in ten seconds flat someone will try and copy it and completely mess the design up. Rather than doing what I did last time and washing my hands of the whole thing, this time I chose to do something else. Copywrite the image. So I will report back on how this goes shortly.

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