Review – Clever Dog Wifi Cameras

This is the Review of the Clever Dog Wifi Camera’s I have had installed here at the QTH.

clever dogI had some local idiot Scratching my car, the Police as you would expect said that there was little they could do, due to lack of evidence, plus at the time of the first incident it was parked on the street. Some weeks later I was out for a meal with a friend Philip – MI0MSO  RSGB regional manager for Northern Ireland, before the RSGB AGM, after returning from our meal (which we used a taxi to get to) we were sat chatting and Philip wanted some air, so he had a walk to the end of our garden. On return, he said “I thought you’d got that scratch on the car fixed”, so we went to investigate.. We never noticed the damage on return so in less than half an hour someone and scratched the car with words, that I won’t mention here. As you can imagine, it was reported and yet again the police were powerless to do anything.

Next day was the AGM of the RSGB at Glasgow, we’d arranged to pick up Andrew Hood GM7GDE from his QTH and take him, and the bookstall to the event, over the course of the day we got talking about how he monitored his QTH and shack. He showed me the Clever Dog, and mailed me a link. At the price, it seemed just what was needed.

So I ordered a pair. As the shack is currently on the first floor, I chose to instead concentrate on the front of the house, placing one in the front living room window about shoulder height and the other in the window on the landing, this gives me a good field of view from both cameras. So to the technical stuff:

Clever Dog Camera Feature

  • Delivering standard resolution D1 (720×576) @ 15fps video
  • Supports WiFi (IEEE8012.11b/g) or 3G connectivity (GSM/WCDMA)
  • Full-duplex 2-way voice communication
  • Supports video analytic based motion detection
  • Alarm alerts through push notification, email with snapshot
  • Supports onboard video storage up to 32GB
  • Utilising P2P technology, no DDNS, no port-forwarding
  • Free Smartphone App for iOS and Android system
  • Three months for replacement, one year warranty

Technical Information

  • Model Name: DOG-1W
  • Available Colour: Blue, Pink, Orange, Gray
  • Lens: Wide angle Diagonal 92°
  • Video Resolution: 720 x576@15pfs (H.264)
  • Voice: Built-in Microphone and loudspeaker
  • Night Vision: Built-in IR illuminators
  • WIFI: Supports IEEE8012.11b/g
  • 3G standard: GSM/WCDMA
  • Storage: Support MicroSD/TF card, up to 32GB
  • Backup: 200mA Rechargeable battery
  • Power: DC 5V, 500mA, Micro USB port cable
  • Working Temperature: -10~60℃,indoor
  • Size: 85x85x110mm

Setting up

You would think that it would be complex, but its quite simple, you scan the QR code no the back of the camera, and it installs the app on your phone, in my case an Android app. This then asks you to set up the network, which is just the same on any device, find the router on the list, and type the password for the network, that gets your device onto the network, the light on the front of the camera should now go Blue, saying it has a connection.

1.You can sign in on different systems or different devices. For this you need your email address and a “Good Password” by good password I mean something that nobody else is going to crack easily so not something like “Camera1” or “pass” For generating passwords I use the PC App “Lastpass password Manager”

2.But it only supports one user viewing the real-time video at the same time.

3.You can use the “sharing” to share your device with your friends or family as long as they have registered accounts.

You can then tailor the settings to record constantly or only on motion detect, I have used two 32gb micros SD cards for this.

If you have a SmartPhone running CleverDog, then the device will ‘push’ images to your phone when the camera is triggered.


After eight months of use, I’ve discovered that the cameras like to reboot every couple of days at 8pm, which takes about a minute, stills are of good quality and video is also good quality. HOWEVER, I would like to see better PC software developed. Thankfully the culprit has seen to avoid any more damage to my QTH and it seems to have stopped problems with people wanting to cold call too.

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