QRO 9:1 Unun

The MM0ZIF 1KW 9:1 Balun

So I wanted to play about with longwires and needed to build a high power Unun. I’ve read and re-read books like Jerry Sevick (W2FMI)’s Understanding, building and using Baluns and Ununs, and various other books including the ARRL antenna handbook, RSGB Antenna files etc and decided that this was the answer. I ended up at Maplin’s and scrounging components from all over the place and then found I had most of what I needed in my junk boxes (Yes multiples).

The MM0ZIF 1KW 9:1 Balun

The MM0ZIF 1KW 9:1 Unun

So what comes next? Well the plan to experiment with longwires is on hold, due to the build of the antenna analyser which should aid the testing. The Unun, however, has already been tested up to 300w into a dummy load. More to follow once the final parts of the analyser arrive.

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