Rotator updates

Well everything has arrived for the new mast, so I thought I’d check the rotator functionality out and get the whole thing wired and serviced. It was brought as a KenPro 450 some time ago, however now I have my serious doubts, the interfacing for the cables is wrong, the colour is more military and the whole thing is far to big for the KenPro 450!

Now on cracking the wiring case open, I remember the chap telling me he owned it from new, and doesn’t smoke! so when I pulled off the wiring case whats the first thing you smell! Benson and Bloody Hedges! anyway I’ve re-wired it with some heavy duty rotator cable, checked the bearings (well lubed (Sponsered by Durex, silk lubricant)) and its all working, so next job is to get it on the mast and fully weatherproofed (to my standards).

Controller is nigh on knackered so thats going to get an upgrade to offering USB support shortly

So with a bit of luck it will be up on Weds.

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