Review – High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio

This 292-page ebook written by Glen Popiel (KW5GP) is a good insight into using things we’ve done before in a different way. Interestingly the book has sparked some interesting debates over ‘The Nosebleed Frequencies” Many amateurs forget that Networking with Amateur Radio is not a new thing in the slightest. Look at what you might still have in your shack, perhaps a TNC like the AEA Pakrat 252MBX with mailboxes, and capability to send and receive email!

The book starts with an overview of how Amateurs are modifying 2.5 and 5GHz routers to provide PTP networking, the benefits of doing so and then goes into the things to consider before rolling out a network and what you need. Before then describing the Authors own experience with setting up MMDV networks. There are some Points I disagree with the Author on, some I really had some big HiHi’s at and some I just thought were so blazingly obvious I was surprised they had been mentioned at all.

That said, this book will give you the insight to getting an MMDV network together on a limited budget (Great for experimenting) All the way through to developing failsafe resilience systems as used by RAYNET (RAEN) and other groups.

For me it is now about finding others to experiment along this route with.
Well worth the few Dolars to buy, and another book that won’t be coming off the kindle

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