Noble Radio NR-4SCA Review

Noble Radio (top) LP-100A (middle) TS2000X (bottom)

Noble Radio (top) LP-100A (middle)
TS2000X (bottom)

The Noble Radio produces 3 radio’s currently a 50Mhz SSB/CW rig, a 70Mhz rig called the NR-4SC and the one I am going to review here the NR-4SCA, the first difference between the NR-4SC and the NR-4SCA is aesthetics. The SCA comes in a light wooden box, and has the appearance of a more classical radio. The Display is nice and crisp, and the power switch and analogue meter give it a nice fresh feel. The meter displays Power and Signal Strength. The Mic socket has been moved from the side to the front and the optional microphone is an Astatic Noise cancelling mic, whilst weighty its comfortable to use.

Whilst the NR-4SC had a power output of 10w the NR-4SCA has 15w. There are two 8 pole crystal filters which are
designed for 3kHz and 500Hz -6dB bandwidths. The 3 kHz filter allows for excellent SSB voice fidelity while the 500 Hz filter provides good adjacent channel rejection on CW (Not tested here, however you can hear the difference on SSB) The AGC has two modes fast and slow and dependent on the operator it works well, RIT Tuning and SPLIT operation are also standard as you’d expect and easy to get at.

In Use
Firstly when you turn the NR-4SCA on you get the software revision number on power up, which is handy, then the device displays in normal operating noise. Remembering that this review is using a Reference Dipole (on my cobweb) not a directional beam deliberately. The audio is Loud at .6w and doesn’t distort, by only worry is the speaker inlet will need to be cleaned from time to time. I made a test QSO and the audio was reported as clear and superior to the Meon I had been using previously and a signal report at 150 miles of 59 +10 isn’t to bad with the power turned right down (estimated about 3w). I haven’t played with this on Digital Modes or CW but I’d say it does everything it says its supposed to.

Improvements I’d make: Include FM and AM and add CAT CONTROL but this would put the price up by a lot.

So whilst the Price was € 599 plus P&P and €50 for the mic, I think its well worth the money. It hasn’t any real competition and its a unique product.
The NR-4SCA offers a 10.7MHz IF out on the back panel for connection to an SDR making contesting a dream with SDRSharp.
the NR-4SC include RIT (Receiver Incremental Tuning)and SPLIT mode functions which work exactly as you would expect them to.

For the CW operator there is a built in Iambic Keyer

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