Noble Radio NR-4SCA

So you may have seen Noble’s first attempt but this one looks far better and is much more reponsive, there are some pro’s and con’s but I will go onto them shortly here is the picture for a start.

The Noble NR-4SCA and Kenwood TS2000X heart of the shack

The Noble NR-4SCA and Kenwood TS2000X heart of the shack


  • Each radio is made on demand, meaning that Noble don’t carry a stock, and you know what your getting.
  • The stock mic is a ASTATIC noise canceling fist mic, and its a monster, you won’t loose it although if you drop it it would leave a bruise or two 🙂
  • The reciever is quiet, and it offers Wide and narrow filter settings and they make a lot of difference.
  • the buttons are easy to operate and feel the part
  • Built in keyer with adjustable speed settings
  • AGC us either Fast or Slow.
  • Capable of working SPLIT
  • A lovely soft green glow to the screen and power meter
  • Its not a transverter
  • 15w output*


  • No SWR meter
  • SSB and CW only, so you will need an extra rig for FM (not that that is an issue PMR 70mhz are cheap enough)
  • Because they are made to order lead time can be lengthy.
  • 15w output*
  • No Cat control

In operation.

After turning on I tuned straight to the beacons section of the band, Nothing heard from GB3CFG in Carrickfergus. Oh?!

So feeling a little worried I dropped down to the St Austell beacon GB3MCB in IO70OJ (70.025) and there it was not a strong signal but from the cobwebb at prehaps 10m above the ground, what could I expect I am sure when the beam goes up it will be end stopping.

SSB audio is excellent CW tone is also very good, the inbuilt speaker handles both well.

You will notice I’ve put 15w as both a pro and con, well it is, more power would be nice, but 15w will drive a linear nicely. FM would also be a nice touch, maybe in the future they will look at this, but again I suppose what is the point with competing against PMR conversions and Chinese budget rigs. IMHO the biggest downside is the lack of CAT Control so everything has to be manually input into the log.

Customer Service, Rob was absolutly amazing, his emails where very timely and when the box arrived it even contained some Belgium Waffle cookies! Packaging was good, and even YODEL (GAH) couldn’t destroy it!

So do I feel ripped of, had, conned etc, NOPE I’d buy another one, next time maybe the 6m in time for summer E’s

Find Noble here

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