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Whilst thinking of things I could do on the way back from National Hamfest, I thought, books! so I bought the ARRL Antenna Designer’s Notebook by Brian Cake, KF2YN. Now as I was in a hurry I didn’t even scan more than a couple of pages, and I sure am glad I didn’t. This is a monster VHF < SHF book that includes BoxKite Yagi’s and so much much more, it kept me glued, on my monster train trip.

Well at least until some rather drunken Christians entered the train and started discussing theology, Badly I will add, which kept me biting my hand to stop from roaring out with laughter.

So if your looking for somewhere to start with VHF and or multiband yagi’s and verticals this could well be your place to start. There is much to experiment here and will probably keep me going for a while.

However I will warn you NOW there is a hidden trap! ARRL have allowed this to be printed and distributed without any warning that the book is Hobbled without a copy of EZNEC, the Demo just doesn’t cut it. The Demo only allows for 20 Segments, and many of the designs have a whole lot more than 20 segments. My Advice is DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK unless you have another £100+ to buy Eznec!

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