A big let down

Normally I am not one to moan about people letting me down, but when it comes to Organisations. That indeed is a different matter!

Many years ago I became involved in the British Red Cross, as a Volunteer, as I had time to spare, I took every course I could get onto, and put many many hours into the work I did.

This included

  • Disaster Management and rest centre control
  • First Aid *Team leader
  • AED
  • Communications

Yet I moved home from a small district office to a city, so you think it would have been easier? No, instead I was left forgotten, even when I regularly got and responded to the requests for support. So now after a second move I find my experience is not limited to just that one city, but is all the way across the board.

I volunteered to become a mobility helper and a ambulance support volunteer, but the person in management who was supposed to interview me never ever got back to me, even after I emailed, phoned and generally stalked him… (Joke)

So the pride I had in my work with the BRC has gone down the pan, where do I go from here? well Raynet needs a new team here so that is a possibility.


Generally feeling let down by this lack of grace.

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