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Weather @ Saltcoats now running well

Welll the template at has been updated   Hopefully people will find the new data useful. included in this new release: Better dials, forecast models from different places etc. Go on have a look you know you want to!…
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Weather Latest updates

The weather pages here are now running the latest itteration of software! check it out here   I you would like to learn more about the weather why not purchase this ace book and learn more? 110

Companies House Email

As I opened my email for the first time today, I though Oh I wonder what joys I will get today, even with a tough policy on spam filtering I get some through. But today saw an interesting one. the…
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.. And another thing (OT)

A Moment of Insanity!

Prior to promotion one job had me working in an office with programmers and designers. Now many programmers wouldn’t cope with this distraction. However I found it interesting as I do dabble in graphics for my own personnal sites. The…
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Yaesu FT-902DM Repair

FT-902DM pre Power

Well that is the Repair on the Yaesu FT-902DM Completed for now. You can view the pictures here 391

Hacking attempts

The last three days have seen attempted hacks from across the planet, the latest being ho-chi-min city (Vietnam), however, they are all currently being deflected by the site security. So if you have an account please make sure you are…
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A.S.R.A and the Scottish Convention

Well this week see’s the first A.S.R.A convention and I am going to be doing a talk at 10:30am on What A.S.R.A is. I am really looking forwards to this, I am hoping that it will have an attendance as…
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Raspberry Pi – Arduino Shield Adapter

Just acquired this in the post this morning, ordered from sometime ago and had forgotten about, maybe its time to have a play with APRS gateways? Any other suggestions would be welcomed 🙂

Review – Clever Dog Wifi Cameras

This is the Review of the Clever Dog Wifi Camera’s I have had installed here at the QTH. I had some local idiot Scratching my car, the Police as you would expect said that there was little they could do,…
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Review – QYT KT-8900D

MM0ZIF – Review of the QYT KT-8900D. For a while now I have been using a dual band handy in the car (namely a GT3 Mk II) but with all the repeater abuse locally I decided that I needed something…
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