MM0ZIF – The Station

Kenwood TS2000X
The Shack of MM0ZIF

The Shack of MM0ZIF

In July the Shack will be moving into a secure (alarmed and everything) shed, which will allow me all year round comfort, heating is provided by a DELL PowerEdge 2850 (coincidentally running most of my Mesh networking)

The Main station consists of a Heil Proset 6 Elite, connected to a Kenwood TS2000X which on HF hives out to a LDG KT100 tuner and then into a Linear Amps UK Hunter and onto a LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter for measuring what exactly is going on with the antenna system. This in turn is connected to a Dell Optiplex 780 pc running windows 10, and the following programs for amateur radio: Log4OM, N1MM+ and DM780 and GBCat (for TS2000X).

The Second station is a June 1982 manufactured Yaesu FT-902DM, which has a great reciever on it, this is going to be used more mobile and as a special events radio, and talking peice. This is purely a HF rig!

FT-902DM pre Power

FT-902DM reworked 29th June 2017

VHF: 6m is currently handled by the TS2000X and for day to day stuff a Cobwebb antenna, although I do have a 3 element beam for 50MHz. For 70MHz  InnovaTenna 50/70MHz antennas.

4m (70mhz) I am running a Philips FM1000 running natively on 4m (no PA4DEN conversion) connected to a Nevada Ringo at 150′. For SSB and CW I am using a  Nobel Radio NR-4SCA in its lovely wooden box, for handling CW and SSB, the only fault that I can see with this rig is its lack of CAT. The antennas for 4m and 6m are a PowAbeam 5 element for 70mhz and a Tonna 5 element for 50mhz, and dipoles for FM.

2m I am currently using a 7 element LFA from Innovantennas giving a bit of gain 12.89DBi

23cm is handled by the TS2000X I have a 23cm Colinear to handle FM, and also a 4×23 element array configured as 2 x 2 bayed and stacked (23DBi gain).

Currently, I am looking to replace my 70cm Beam as its boom is rotten.

Colinear close up

Colinear Close up

7 Band Cobweb 20<4m mounted at 145′ above sea level,This is shown in the picture below (Temporarily up on a tilt over mast)

Various other dipoles. I also have a Hustler BTV-7 (17m add on) although this is down, it will be going back up as I’ve now realised what the tuning issue was.

The Temporary install of the Cobweb at MM0ZIF

The Temporary install of the Cobweb at MM0ZIF

Huster and Prowhip hidden in tree

Spot the HF antennas

Cabling, Hardware

The VHF and Above antenna’s (Anything from 28mhz up) are using Westflex 103 and HF is currently run by either westflex or RG58.

When installing Plugs I firstly use heatshrink sheaths then Electrical liquid tape Let that dry, unless something is going High up and I can’t access it often then it gets One layer of ELT, then heatshrink then some Self amalgamating tape followed by another coat of ELT. I have also Applied ELT to a lot of my antenna connections. There is a link below for the ELT I use. However I Use the red one as its easier to see gaps in my application.

I am currently looking for kit for 3cm’s and 13cm’s

I am running a Mesh Node on the AREDN firmware, complete with dedicated PBX VOIP, servers and duplex remote and local access, provided by Ubiquiti AirRouter and M2 hardware.

find me on eQSL

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