Companies House Email

As I opened my email for the first time today, I though Oh I wonder what joys I will get today, even with a tough policy on spam filtering I get some through. But today saw an interesting one. the…
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.. And another thing (OT)

A Moment of Insanity!

Prior to promotion one job had me working in an office with programmers and designers. Now many programmers wouldn’t cope with this distraction. However I found it interesting as I do dabble in graphics for my own personnal sites. The…
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A.S.R.A and the Scottish Convention

Well this week see’s the first A.S.R.A convention and I am going to be doing a talk at 10:30am on What A.S.R.A is. I am really looking forwards to this, I am hoping that it will have an attendance as…
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GB3AY Hoaxers

The hoaxers have got a bit out of hand, using my Callsign to shout a mayday.. This has got to stop now! 177

QRO 9:1 Unun

The MM0ZIF 1KW 9:1 Balun

So I wanted to play about with longwires and needed to build a high power Unun. I’ve read and re-read books like Jerry Sevick (W2FMI)’s Understanding, building and using Baluns and Ununs, and various other books including the ARRL antenna…
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Whilst I normally operate for CQWWW on low band I’ve decided this year that I will not participate due to ongoing issues with whom I operate for so this year I will either not operate or I will do so…
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Galashiels Rally

Today is the Galashiels Rally, come visit the RSGB Book Stall, if your not a member why not sign up, great benefits include: A Great Regional Manager A Great Regional Team The Premier Region Discounted books All the reasons you…
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Beams up for 2m and 23cm

Now in use thanks to friends, the steel 2″ pipe was ruddy heavy

Happy 2016

Well another year gone, and a new one begun, I’ve started the year the way I want it to continue with the Radio on and a horde of QSO’s first one of the year goes to MM3WJZ who was being…
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Lorn Radio Rally

LORN RADIO RALLY – Crianlarich Village Hall, Main Street, Crianlarich, Perthshire FK20 8QN. OT 10.30am, £2, B&B, REF, new traders always welcome, no charge for tables. lornradioclub@gmail.com

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