Raspberry Pi – Arduino Shield Adapter

Just acquired this in the post this morning, ordered from sometime ago and had forgotten about, maybe its time to have a play with APRS gateways? Any other suggestions would be welcomed 🙂

Review – Clever Dog Wifi Cameras

This is the Review of the Clever Dog Wifi Camera’s I have had installed here at the QTH. I had some local idiot Scratching my car, the Police as you would expect said that there was little they could do,…
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Review – QYT KT-8900D

See larger image QYT KT-8900D Dual Band VHF UHF Mini Color Screen Quad-Standy 25W/20W Mobile Car Radio Walkie Talkie Car Mobile Radio Radios FM (Electronics) New From: 0 Out of Stock MM0ZIF – Review of the QYT KT-8900D. For a…
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Review – Antenna Physics: An Introduction

See larger image Antenna Physics: An Introduction (Kindle Edition) Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only 320 pages of Knowledge. Sounds Geeky I know, but if your one of those people like I am where just showing that something…
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Review – High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio

This 292-page ebook written by Glen Popiel (KW5GP) is a good insight into using things we’ve done before in a different way. Interestingly the book has sparked some interesting debates over ‘The Nosebleed Frequencies” Many amateurs forget that Networking with…
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Reviews – Books – Antenna Designers Notebook

Whilst thinking of things I could do on the way back from National Hamfest, I thought, books! so I bought the ARRL Antenna Designer’s Notebook by Brian Cake, KF2YN. Now as I was in a hurry I didn’t even scan…
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Noble Radio NR-4SCA Review

The Noble Radio produces 3 radio’s currently a 50Mhz SSB/CW rig, a 70Mhz rig called the NR-4SC and the one I am going to review here the NR-4SCA, the first difference between the NR-4SC and the NR-4SCA is aesthetics. The…
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Noble Radio NR-4SCA

So you may have seen Noble’s first attempt but this one looks far better and is much more reponsive, there are some pro’s and con’s but I will go onto them shortly here is the picture for a start. 135…
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BaoFeng / PoFung GT-3 Mark II

See larger image BaoFeng PoFung GT-3 Mark II Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie, Dual Band UHF/VHF 136-174/400-520MHz with 23CM High Gain Antenna & Car Charger, UK Plug + 1 Remote Speaker (Automotive) New From: 0 Out of Stock This is my…
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Diamond MX3000N Triplexer

I’ve been awaiting the cash to purchase a Triplexer, I ordered from Martin Lynch and Sons, at 16-30 yesterday to have it arrive first class today!! So now Without adaptors I can use 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Band Rating 2m…
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