Pt1 of APRS a beginners guide is now here

Part one of APRS for a beginner is here with an overview. Further parts will deal with APRS packets. how to set up your own phone or transceiver and program functionality #APRS (scheduled post)

Hard Connections

Like many others some antenna’s are designed to go up and stay up. So when the colinear went up I did the following.  Remove the F plug exposing the two wires. Connect the feeder directly to the wires using solder…
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Telepost LP100a Digital Vector RF Wattmeter

LP-100A Features & Specs For information directly from Larry the manufacturer at Telepost here is the URI If you should decide that you “Really Need” one of these please when Ordering mention the fact that you saw the review here…
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Wouxun KG-UVD1PL

Finally A review from MM0ZIF of this fine radio.  

Heil ProSet 6 Elite

Heil requires no introduction Bob Heil is the designer of some amazingly responsive microphones and mic inserts. The HC-4 and HC-5 have become staples of Contesters and DXPeditions over recent years, In fact I cut my teeth contesting with a…
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Netgear WN1000RP

Simply put this is a plugin, configure and go device Setting this up with WPS is quite simply a doddle, but if you want to set it up differently it has its own webserver management system that allows quite a…
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Pluscom 8 port Gigabit switch

As you may have read the review previously of the EE Brightbox 2  which I had tremendous problems with getting running in a small three bed property. I looked at a lot of options including a new router/modem But what…
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FAQ – Duplexers, Diplexers, Triplexers and Multiplexers

In the UK if we have a rig with a 2m in/out antenna and a 70cm in/out antenna socket most people search for a duplexer, yet that is completely incorrect. See larger image Foundation Licence Now (Paperback) New From: £4.99…
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FAQ- No Pictures of the operator

Well you won’t find any here, I am hiding in Anonymity if you have met me in person you know me, if not the last thing I need is my pictures spread across the internet.

FAQ- am and SSB Signal Strength

1/6th of the total power of a transmission is in each carrier, thus in AM with both sidebands that is a total of 1/3rd of the power (reference the sidebands alone.) leaving 2/3rds from the carrier.

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