For Sale – Swaps

In the shack there are the following 1 x 2 port Sunnix PC to Serial card 3 x 1 port USB to Serial dongles (Logilink AU00002B’s) USB2 docking station with power supply & USB cable. 4 USB – 1 parallel…
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New Serial port ordered

So just ordered a Konig USB to 4 x Serial port interface, I’ve been advised it will work, let time tell.

EE stupidity again

So EE everything Everywhere, so maintenance on your services over a weekend, one with a contest in oh How thoughtful of you! not only that when I phoned support to find out what the issue was I got a try…
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Contesting/DXPedition – group

Well as many will or may know I love my contesting. And shortly plan to have a mast up to cope with VHF contesting, I currently don’t have space to contest on the HF bands really. So what I am…
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Scotland and Independence (Note political rant)

Why should we vote No? Is it these things we believe? Lies over Scotland joining the EU Campaigners being brought up by bus from England? Tory lies and smear campaigns Were all in it together (Austerity measures) meaning that Scotland…
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20m 5/8 wave vertical

I am currently looking for a 13m fishing pole to convert to a 20m 5/8 wave vertical the driven element will be 12.74m long so I then have to move the feed point to approx 1m (this probably means it…
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Abstract confusion and the art of doing things the complex way

Right first off Look at the Bandplan, what are the measurements in? – Meters So why does everyone work in Feet and Inches? Because that is the way the British and Americans work, even though Britain went metric years ago!…
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Millennium Group

Earlier in the Week I had Kenny from Millennium Group out to put my Co-Linear up on the chimney breast, mainly because hiring a ladder to put it up myself would have been more expensive than getting someone else to…
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Don’t turn the power up Talk it up

Many DX operators seem to think its about having the right power to DX, well I am firmly in the other camp, its not about having as much power its about what you do before the Audio even hits the…
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For once the daily mail produces an article that is founded in TRUTH!

A Sheriff warns about youngters climbing Antenna masts here

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