HF antenna’s

Tilt Over mast

So the hole and the postcrete set well, with the sleeve in place and with all the bad weather we’ve had here I thought that the concrete might have taken longer to set, so it got left for a little…
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Storms and not happy Verticals

Well on the 20th / 21st October we encountered the tail end of yet another huricane. Did it do any damage to the mast tied against the washing line? No! did it do any damage to the Colinear on the…
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Loop Theory

1005 divided by (ƒ) frequency in MHz gives us the one-wavelength design length for a particular band for a Delta Loop.  

Hustler 7-BTV tune

GM7VSB (Jason) bobbed round with his very expensive antenna analyzer  yesterday, to give me an idea of where the tuning needed to go (traps up or down) and the image here is the result. Seems that following the manual to…
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Projects of Questionable probability

I have here a Hustler BTV-7 (17m addon) I also have a MFJ1792 here are the thoughts, the MFJ hasn’t the wind survival rates for here, and the BTV7 would require a Hat kit to open up 80m. There are…
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20m 5/8 wave vertical

I am currently looking for a 13m fishing pole to convert to a 20m 5/8 wave vertical the driven element will be 12.74m long so I then have to move the feed point to approx 1m (this probably means it…
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Cables failing

Well the move took its toll on the KT100 the patch lead died, and of course I started fault checking in the wrong place, last place I looked Yes twas there DOH!!

20m Dipole

Because of really bad USB to serial adaptors (which I am replacing next week) I haven’t really super tuned the Hustler up all the way. 20m seemed dead so the trap needs moving, rather than do that blind without the…
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