Practical Wireless 2016 70MHz Constest

Today my parcel from Geoff at DXShop arrived a 6 element beam the tube it arrived in was 3 meters long, and the Delivery man asked what was in it. “Adult Toys” I replied, he buckled, and a woman over…
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2016 – CQ-WPX-SSB

I participated as a part of Kilmarnock and Loudoun ARC we operated for the full contest more info is available here.


So the rig was in the shed, the batteries connected. And the logging running. Then all hell broke loose, ill children, telephone calls. Neighbors with new plasma tv 10m Interference to hell, Ditto 15m, 20m FINE! 21QSO’s in the time…
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Another Day some more rain.

I am seriously wondering about Salting the garden, we’ve got that much water down atm I must have almost perfect conditions 🙂 Ordered some 13 pin Din Plugs today, and paid for the ICOM interface 🙂 So this weekend coming…
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IOTA 2015

I was thinking about doing the IOTA contest next year, and am looking for operators that might be interested in joining me on one of the local islands

Contesting/DXPedition – group

Well as many will or may know I love my contesting. And shortly plan to have a mast up to cope with VHF contesting, I currently don’t have space to contest on the HF bands really. So what I am…
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