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Solar Eclipse

Its now getting dark again, radio is still alive on 20m SSB Digital modes 14.070.000 although traces are becoming weaker. Nothing on the bandscope across 23cm or 2m, 10m Dead also! CQ call on BPSK31 at 0926 running 50w no…
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WX Back on line

As of 07:40 this morning the WX is back online. Corrupt ini file was defaulting the station type to the wrong station.

WX temporarily Down

Due to a fault, that I am debugging (time permitting) Wx is down

MM0ZIF will again be M0ZIF for a week and a half

It looks like I will be taking a seven day Jaunt down to Blighty, so listen out across the bands for M0ZIF, this could be one of the last chances except April to get this call in the log!

Please Follow me Or NOT!

If your genuinely interested in Radio Communications and Physics or other aspects of Amateur Radio, please feel free to register to this site.   If your a Spammer, please save yourself the effort, I have strict automated spam responses, and…
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I now have a link at for a decent priced supplier of QuadCopters (front page bottom) Check it out…

Just as I was prepping

Not prepping as in getting a survival pack ready but I was prepping to get the Cobweb onto the roof, and then we are threatened with snow. Does it arrive No, it just rains very heavily, now we have a…
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Took a while but…

After a couple of years of hectic chaos, I re-sorted my RSGB Assessor status, so thats done and dusted, now bring on more students LOL


Well of late I haven’t been on air much, but Yesterday I decided to give it a bash and was rewarded with a few new countries the cobweb works very well, just need to get it re-sited on the wall…
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GBCat Rig Control

On one of the TS2000 groups I noticed a post from 9a2gb regarding GBCat which is in development, I’ve got it on my pc and am currently playing with it, I will be experimenting with this over the next few…
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