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23cm Woes

I was scanning through the bands earlier and hit 23cm’s and had an absolutely endstopping signal from Ayr… I was just about to respond then realised… I have no antenna connected at this time, I am awaiting a triplexer, and…
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20m Dipole

Because of really bad USB to serial adaptors (which I am replacing next week) I haven’t really super tuned the Hustler up all the way. 20m seemed dead so the trap needs moving, rather than do that blind without the…
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Baluns and Ununs

After starting reading Jerry Sevick (W2FMI)’s book Understanding and building, and using Baluns and Ununs, I realised that I hadn’t made any lately, so I am going to source the materials to build some of the following Baluns and Ununs…
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Power Dividers VHF and Up

I’ve been talking to a few people recently (no names or callsigns obviously) about multi antenna beam systems, stacking benefits and Baying benefits, pretty much all of the people spoken to have single antenna systems (as do I atm) I…
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On or off Grid?

Many may have sussed from my profile picture that as well as being a Radio Amateur (one of the 0.2%) I am also a hacktavist, that doesn’t mean I am a hacker per-say I am indeed a programmer and Security…
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Arggggh Claustrophobia

Well the shack is a tiny little 1200mm cubic room about 2m tall, and its rapidly filling with shack and IT stuff, I for one don’t get claustrophobic but I am hitting middle age and the spread has started already,…
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Grrrr EE’s Brightbox 2 review

Yesterday the EE broadband went live, so I’ve spent today setting up the Wifi, One error at a time!

2m/70cm and 23cm Colinear goes on the roof tomorrow

Failing a natural disaster this antenna now fully storm proofed is going to be up for a few years minimum. Its had a dose of Self amalgamating tape  and some liquid tape too on the coax (Westflex 103) I’ve also sealed…
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Cheaper Gas and Electricity

We came across this provider who I’d never heard of, but they are proving to be good to their word, and saving money, all to the new fund for a tower and an IC7100

Back online

Today EE finally got our line sorted so I know longer have to visit the local watering hole to post. Which brings me to the conclusion, I may have been brought up in Corby, but I am still a Tight…
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