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As I opened my email for the first time today, I though Oh I wonder what joys I will get today, even with a tough policy on spam filtering I get some through. But today saw an interesting one. the email perports to be from companies house – See below

Company Complaint

This message has been generated in response to the company complaint submitted to Companies House.

(CC01) Company Complaint for the above company was accepted on 04/07/2017.

Please check attached documents for more information.

The submission number is id: 4d75b248-19f0-4539-9d7c-659f1b9df673

Please quote this number in any communications with Companies House.

Note: Attached documents are encrypted with a unique Private Key.

Service Desk tel +44 (0)303 8097 432 or email

Note: This email was sent from a notification-only email address which cannot accept incoming email. Please do not reply directly to this message

If you’re unsure an email is from Companies House:

  • Do not reply to it or click on any links
  • Report the suspicious email to Companies House

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated

Now I immidately thought this was suspiscious so did what anyone with experience would do and looked at the source code of the email. the mailto: link went to a real location, at companies house. But still something didn’t sit right, so I looked at the mail traffic report (Header) and here is what I found-

Return-Path: <> So using a WHOIS tool I backtraced the Domain info, which was registered today! 4th July 2017 and hosted on

The Moral of this story is if something feels wrong it usually is, if you can’t back check things then IGNORE THE EMAIL!

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