Review – QYT KT-8900D

MM0ZIF – Review of the QYT KT-8900D.
For a while now I have been using a dual band handy in the car (namely a GT3 Mk II) but with all the repeater abuse locally I decided that I needed something a little more permanent.

QYT KT-8900D installed in Ford Focus

QYT KT-8900D installed in Ford Focus

I’d heard good things about the QYT KT-8900R, and bad things too like its dual listen but it switches, then I came across the QYT KT-8900R –

Dual Band, Quad-standby
25W Output Power or 20w
External speaker/PTT
Mini Size – 118mm x 98mm x35mm
PC Program (Downloadable)
Remote Stun, Remote Activate, Remote Kill
DTMF Function, 2 tone, 5 tone
Repeater Function
Long-distance Communication
FM Radio
Alarm Function
LCD Monitor

Package includes:
1× QTY KT-8900D Dual Band Mini Mobile Radio
1× Microphone(version 2)
1× Car Power Cable
1× Clip for Speaker Microphone
1× Mounting Bracket
1× Screw Sets
1 × User Manual

First out the pictures do not do it justice, the screen can be customized to allow different colours and backgrounds.

the KT-8900D

the KT-8900D

The Audio on this tiny little rig may be a little treble heavy (due to size) but it has got a Speaker output which allows for better audio, the receiver is better than that of the Icom 706 MKII G by far. Transmit reports are equally good. if you happen to be in IO75xx then why not arrange a sked and have a listen for yourself?

I didn’t purchase a data cable (yet) but found no difficulty programming this by hand using either the fascia or the hand mike. I’ve heard that CHIRP makes programming easier and that the QYT software is ok but buggy. Personally, for the money, it’s easy enough to program by hand.

Size: Whilst it’s tiny, there wasn’t enough real estate in my car to find a home for it, so currently it’s mounted on a suction cup hanging from the windscreen.

UPDATE: After being used for a raynet duty I can vouch for the fact that this rig will cut the mustard easily 🙂

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