Yearly Archive: 2016

Nice quick SOTA chase

MM/CT2IXX on SS0260 5959 both ways, thank you Jack

Keeping masts running smooth

I have a large (10m) Aluminium mast that was catching, and I made the mistake last year of using Grease, which not only turns black, but is generally a pain to get off everything. This year I am using PTFE…
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Humour 59 59 59

(run station) AB? QRZ QRZ (caller) MM0ABC MM0ABC MM0ABC how copy (run station) N0ABC ? is that correct (caller) negative negative MM0ABC MM0ABC MM0ABC how copy 5 minutes later (run station) MM0ABC sorry about that bad qrm your SIG 59…
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Updates to the website

I’ve spent a couple of hours sorting out the menu system and updating some pages, including the CW page, which was messy (it still is a bit but less so) So the Menu’s are less cluttered, and have a better…
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WX station technical difficulties

The Weather station is currently down, due to repairs after storm damage. I will seek to rectify this asap.

RSGB Region One Manager

Well it looks like I got in unopposed

The PL259 Plug

The original PL259 had a thread of 7/16″ (24 turns per inch) and the insulator between hot and earth was MBR (Mica filled Bakelite) it was invented by a chap called E Clark Quakenbush of Amphenol. This connector was designed…
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When is a BNC not a BNC connector

There are many believers that BNC stands for British Naval Connector. This is not True in the slightest- BNC stands for Bayonet Neill–Concelman the inventor, it is a quick connect/disconnect Radio frequency connector of either 50Ω or 75Ω and are…
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Site updates

Added a page on 70MHz Yagi (long boom) and Antenna Baying and stacking. Also updated the Nav and edited some pages within the training section

TS2000X more issues

The COM port and Remote head port where not working, seems that the first port of call is the MAX202 converter chip giving power to both

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