Yearly Archive: 2016

Site Update

Over the next few days I will be completely updating the Weather station templating software and I’ve noticed errors in the CMS so a complete overhaul and look into what is working and what needs fixing. So the structure may…
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Review – Antenna Physics: An Introduction

See larger image Antenna Physics: An Introduction (Kindle Edition) Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only 320 pages of Knowledge. Sounds Geeky I know, but if your one of those people like I am where just showing that something…
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Review – High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio

This 292-page ebook written by Glen Popiel (KW5GP) is a good insight into using things we’ve done before in a different way. Interestingly the book has sparked some interesting debates over ‘The Nosebleed Frequencies” Many amateurs forget that Networking with…
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Windows 10 Dropping USB hard disks

I had a new issue with windows 10 dropping USB hard disks every few minutes, its never done this until recently, so whats the issue, is it cable failure, or something software. First thing, cables are fine, so it must…
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NARSA 2016 Rally

Well this year I attended as a punter for the first time in many years. Whilst I had been pleased that there has been no price increase in the last few years, my real rant is not at the rally…
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2016 – CQ-WPX-SSB

I participated as a part of Kilmarnock and Loudoun ARC we operated for the full contest more info is available here.

1st Ardrossan Scouts

Well I finnished up today with Ardrossan Scouts foundation course, and out of the three students that turned up for the exam all three Passed (Provisionally)

Windows 10 Network error

I discovered that my machine was showing that it was not connected to the internet via the toolbar, yet I was browsing the internet, this stops applications like outlook working here is the fix. run regedit (type Regedit in src…
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New Kilmarnock and Loudoun ARC website

I am in the middle of updating the KLARC website it can be found here at until the domain forwarding is sorted not at

Neural Cognitive Radio

I’ve been thinking about how to best utilize bandwidth, and got thinking about an old bit of programming I did with A.I and Neural networks, which made me think, why can’t this be done for Amateur Radio. So when I…
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