Review – Antenna Physics: An Introduction

320 pages of Knowledge. Sounds Geeky I know, but if your one of those people like I am where just showing that something works, not why it works is not enough, then this is the book for you.

Without the Great Scholar James Clerk Maxwell of Edinburgh (yes he was a Scots man) we would not have the second great unification in physics. His equations define how antenna’s work, and throughout this book you will not only understand how but why antenna’s work and also how this relates to real world situations and EzNec as well.

The book starts off with the Basics of Dipole antenna’s and goes on to more advanced antennas. Yes, the Formulas did make me want to scream but the Author explains them in a very good way and as such makes the works of Maxwell accessible to every amateur with a knowledge of basic math.

My advice Do not be daunted, you will love this book and it will keep the olde gray cells working.

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