NARSA 2016 Rally

Well this year I attended as a punter for the first time in many years. Whilst I had been pleased that there has been no price increase in the last few years, my real rant is not at the rally but at the VENUE, its a Hovel, there is water ingress in many of the rooms, the floors in the corridors where soaked. The toilets again where putting it mildly using a Scots term ‘minging’ this rally has a future, but the venue I am not sure about!

As for bargains, well I bought nothing, I looked at prices on the day and online at the same time, I bought a Raspberry PI3 after the rally and a G5RV, the G5RV was £6 cheaper than at the rally and better made. Just shows you that you have to shop around. The likes of ML&S and W&S, Moonraker etc are not going to give great bargains, by coming to the rally costs them money, so they have to recoup it somehow. The question then is how do rallies stand in the future?

The big continental rallies survive due to massive flee markets but the UK build and hack community seems to be dying out. Conventions could be the way forward but again they are not for everyone. So what to do…

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