River Cottage – how could I loose this

The River Cottage Handbook Collection (Paperback)

Box set of River Cottage handbooks 1-10 softback editions in a presentation box. These books on their own cost £14.99 each but you can have the full collection in a presentation box set for less than buying the books individually.

These books are a must for the foodie who likes to know more about their ingredients as well as having amazing recipes. They talk you through the science, techniques, technology, practices of each subject and provide you with mouthwatering recipes and how to guides for growing and foraging in true River Cottage style. Each book is introduced by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and written by his chosen River Cottage foodie experts. The box set of books are:
No.1 Mushrooms by John Wright
No.2 Preserves by Pam Corbin
No.3 Bread by Daniel Stevens
No.4 Veg Patch by Mark Diacono
No.5 Edible Seashore by John Wright
No.6 Sea Fishing by Nick Fisher
No.7 Hedgerow by John Wright
No.8 Cakes by Pam Corbin
No.9 Fruit by Mark Diacono
No.10 Herbs by Nikki Duffy

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Before I moved, I purchased the ten core River Cottage handbooks, due to other things I’d forgotten all about them, in fact I couldn’t have told you were they where. Then whilst sorting modems and routers out yesterday I pondered across them (under the router). The thing is I hadn’t read them properly due to the move, so now I am ploughing into the first book with nine more to go, and another 5 to purchase. What reminded me of all of this was the thought I’d like to build a hot and cold smoker. For anyone likeminded this book covers everything from fishing to foraging and making your own tools. I’d only recommend a copy of the Collins Mushroom and Fungi book on top!

Lets just say I didn’t pay the daft price some people pay 🙂

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