Kenwood TS2000X – Interlink Direct Saga continues.

As you may be aware, my TS2000X (my beloved rig) was sent to Geoff at Castle (Welshpool Radio) by Interlink Direct (Couriers) Geoff has had a chance to have a look at it now, and both the Main and sub control knobs where destroyed, bending the metalwork of the case (Lever action) in one drop, and in the other drop it sustained a hit to the bottom of the box enough to knock the DRU-3 voice recorder off the motherboard!

So my fears of sending the radio via courier all came home to roost now with throwing more money at the radio to get damage repaired before the Courier pays out I am sure! and just before Yule too! Today is becoming a day when I just want to go back to bed!!!!

But Thanks to Geoff he’s been ace!

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