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The Ford Focus Estate with SYNC II piece of junk inside

The Ford Focus Estate with SYNC II piece of junk inside

I upgraded/ replaced my 2012 Touran with a 2015 Ford Focus estate on the grounds that its sold as wifi hotspot ready from a USB dongle or mobile phone. Well I tried everything to get the Focus to accept my multitude of 4g dongles, and guess what…

It will tether by phone, but USB key No way, Ford this afternoon have confirmed that at this Time there is no physical way to do this! So their sales pitch is completely wrong! I could have done the whole tethering a laptop to the phone thing without a piece of expensive junk like Ford SYNC II which does nothing at all that its supposed to, unless of course you have the extra £750 Style kit on top, and even then it still wont do anything your mobile can’t do! Other than that there is no space for a Mobile rig.

Love the car, but SYNC II is going to be looked hard and fast at, its got to be hackable to become useful. Lynux project anyone 🙂

For anyone planning buying one checking this out might help

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