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EE Broadband

Today we got confirmation of the References for the Agents, so I’ve ordered EE Broadband, which should be installed on the 30th June. Watch this space for a review of the network and install.

Antenna Designs

Just got to measure up the space I have to work out what broadband antenna’s I can put up. Hopefully I can have a word with neighbours and get a receive only antenna running along the back fences either that…
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FAQ- No Pictures of the operator

Well you won’t find any here, I am hiding in Anonymity if you have met me in person you know me, if not the last thing I need is my pictures spread across the internet.

FAQ- am and SSB Signal Strength

1/6th of the total power of a transmission is in each carrier, thus in AM with both sidebands that is a total of 1/3rd of the power (reference the sidebands alone.) leaving 2/3rds from the carrier.

FAQ- Kenwood TS2000X review

After ten years in production the TS-2000X is still its flagship shack in a box, I’ve been using mine for over a few years now and thought it about time to review my findings. The Kenwood TS2000X

FAQ- LDG KT100 Tuner

The KT-100 has been at the heart of my shack now for a while, Kenwood made an AT-300 tuner but that has long since become obsolete and almost impossible to find. As you will see from the picture above there…
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FAQ- Best Android Apps

Amateur Radio

FAQ- What is Amateur Radio

What is Amateur Radio What is a Radio Amateur How do I get licensed What are the different Types of License Is there a Morse Exam <!–more–>   What is Amateur Radio? Amateur Radio, is a hobby that encourages the…
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FAQ- What are Data modes

What are Data Modes What are Data modes? What do I need to get How does it work What are Data Modes? If your old enough to remember old computer data modems, or have heard a facsimile machine, you will…
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