So the rig was in the shed, the batteries connected. And the logging running. Then all hell broke loose, ill children, telephone calls. Neighbors with new plasma tv 10m Interference to hell, Ditto 15m, 20m FINE! 21QSO’s in the time I had on 20m, 8 on 40m but I seriously had to be there for the kids. Then sunday morning. WHAT THE HELL is all that noise, 20m WALL to WALL +60 noise, 40m +60 Noise, 15 & 10m +60 Noise. Time to say No jack it in….. Not my best contest ever. However I did manage 2 70mhz FM contacts into Holland and one into Italy on 25w!!!! now thats good going, the new Wheel antenna must be working well 😉

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