Arrrggggghhhhhhh Don’t you just hate it.

First off Two digital interfaces, both of which where working. A soundcard that was working but now only works if you wire the connections wrong! (Upside down)

So to rectify this I bought a new soundcard (external) from Hong Kong complete with Digital in and outputs, works a dream.

Still no output from the TS2000X on Digital, so test kit out and check the back ports! Yes everything working…

*Scratches head*

Soundcard working, CAT working, TS2000X Ports working… Takes a meter out and meters the interfaces… both have IC’s on board, both IC’s have failed, looking at the board closer, its obvious, its been  tampered with, the question then is by who and when?

I haven’t got space to build at the moment, so I’ve ordered another from ebay.

I could always bring the IC-706mk2G in and use that but… I’d have to unwire it from the car!

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