Monthly Archive: September 2014

LP-100A calibrated

WX permitting tomorrow we will do a proper tune of the hustler, if not it will be an adhoc tune until wx is right, can’t risk getting any damage to the LP100-a

Say it agin why don’t ya

Right the first rig, I was ever drawn to was the Kenwood TS2000X because it fitted my needs, it did HF, it did VHF and SHF TOO, its software updates are as and when needed, and its still in production….
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Going Retro

After having many many problems with Windows 8.1 and compatible Serial cards. I’ve decided to go retro and bought a Shuttle X mini pc, I am going to install it with a lightweight version of XP (asset and feature stripped)…
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Hustler 7-BTV tune

GM7VSB (Jason) bobbed round with his very expensive antenna analyzer  yesterday, to give me an idea of where the tuning needed to go (traps up or down) and the image here is the result. Seems that following the manual to…
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Pt1 of APRS a beginners guide is now here

Part one of APRS for a beginner is here with an overview. Further parts will deal with APRS packets. how to set up your own phone or transceiver and program functionality #APRS (scheduled post)

Site updates / New Toys

I love google earth, there is just something kind of uber geeky about it, so here are my amateur radio KML files (not written by me) but I use them on a regular basis and people often ask where I…
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Weather Update

I’ve spent the last two days sorting this data to make it work better than my old output. Here is the Weather at my QTH complete with info you might not have seen before!

EE and BT what a bunch of IDIOTS

Well for the last three months, I’ve had broadband download speeds of between 1 and 15mbps  the promised speed was a lot higher. But after four days of waiting in for BT to visit, they have decided that my broadband…
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Arrrggggghhhhhhh Don’t you just hate it.

First off Two digital interfaces, both of which where working. A soundcard that was working but now only works if you wire the connections wrong! (Upside down) So to rectify this I bought a new soundcard (external) from Hong Kong…
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Diamond MX3000N Triplexer

I’ve been awaiting the cash to purchase a Triplexer, I ordered from Martin Lynch and Sons, at 16-30 yesterday to have it arrive first class today!! So now Without adaptors I can use 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Band Rating 2m…
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