Projects of Questionable probability

I have here a Hustler BTV-7 (17m addon) I also have a MFJ1792 here are the thoughts, the MFJ hasn’t the wind survival rates for here, and the BTV7 would require a Hat kit to open up 80m. There are various mods available to add 12m, 60m and 160m to the BTV-7. But I have here the MFJ1792 loading coil and cable for 80m the MFJ uses the full length of the antenna +the loading coil to open 80m out. Which leads me to think there has to be some way of loading 80m with the coil thus getting rid of the narrow banded ness- of 80m this is caused by MFJ using a mobile whip on top of the antenna,

So the theory is to take one antenna and a donor antenna, and using the two create a hybrid, For some bands like 12m and 17m I will have to keep the traps already there, but I think with 60m I just need a tapping point. Not being an expert with EZNEC is going to be the next problem so lets hope I can replicate it in MathLib

This also leaves the Big Question, 60m coil, is 80 going to open out not needing such a big loading coil? Then we end up in a situation where we need to completely remodel the antenna from the ground up…

My Head Hurts!

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