Scotland and Independence (Note political rant)

Why should we vote No?

Is it these things we believe?

  • Lies over Scotland joining the EU
  • Campaigners being brought up by bus from England?
  • Tory lies and smear campaigns
  • Were all in it together (Austerity measures) meaning that Scotland gets beggar all when London gets more than its share?
  • Threats over the loss of the pound
  • Paedophiles in power
  • Privatisation of the NHS will never happen

Or Do we believe that we are better off with the following

  • Tory ministers from Britain Sent Packing
  • Campaigners being turned away at the border
  • Were in it for ourselves we can make our economy work
  • Oil revenue should be used in Scotland not London
  • Free University places
  • Free NHS (which is actually better quality than in England Now)
  • A chance to change and build a better Scotland!

If your a Sheep and still asleep I guess you will either be voting No or not vote at all, if your awake and listen to the lies and propaganda of the English Overlords you will understand that this is our Chance to take back Scotland and make it prosper!


(Sorry I don’t usually do political on this site, but Needs Must people must #opWakeup)

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