On or off Grid?

Many may have sussed from my profile picture that as well as being a Radio Amateur (one of the 0.2%) I am also a hacktavist, that doesn’t mean I am a hacker per-say I am indeed a programmer and Security specialist but I am definitely a  peaceful protester.  I want nuclear power gone, I don’t mind wind turbines, actually has anyone tried turbine bounce????

But I am concerned about our planet but I am also concerned about Photo Voltaic Solar Panels which when arranged in a grid or interlinked format become a.. Transmitting Antenna!!!

It was bad enough with Broadband over Electrical cabling (not to mention the security issues*) But who has modeled these antenna’s and fitted filters? Nobody. If we create spectrum wide havoc we get into trouble yet these yobs installing pensioners PV solar are doing worse, and its not just PV its Hydro too!

Still if awareness is raised, as has been with broadband over mains, Plasma TV’s and the likes this could be nipped in the bud! So canvas ofCom about this, plague the RSGB let us get something done, before Our Spectrum is Unusable!


*Have you ever wondered how smart metering works, basically the signal is in the equipment installed, and the antenna is either the pipework or wiring, or a local repeater not far from your home! Don’t believe me, google it! Wondered how they know what you are running on smart terminals? they are straight out using an information request to the device. Every item has a unique signature, beit a fridge, fridge/freezer, microwave, electric oven, boiler, computer, mobile phone… the list is really long and the government has access to all these records via GCHQ. Oh I hear you cry, I can’t be observed for nothing, oh but your not a terrorist yet, keep telling yourself that. We are all guilty until innocent!

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