Grrrr EE’s Brightbox 2 review

Yesterday the EE broadband went live, so I’ve spent today setting up the Wifi, One error at a time!

Lets start with the Iomega (lenvo) iConnect!

First off plug it in via wired cable, configure the subnet mask and gateways reboot the device with no wired connection. Works fine within 2′ of the Router! move said iConnect back to the shack (3 meters and two walls away) Nothing. re do all the above again, same issue. Turn router to face the wall, no difference, hmmn now considering if I have to hardwire everything with STP cabling across my nice kitchen, wont that be handy with children and the XYL going mental! Packet sniffer time> Oh what is this whilst the brightbox 2 can’t see that the device here on known as HADES is sending traffic that is not bouncing so open the Lenvo device manager, and lo and behold there  is hades sat on the network, just the Brightbox 2 can not see it

Secondly I have a Cloned Fostex IP Camera (full PTZ and Infrared) using the wired settings, I can configure the IP address for the camera’s wifi to the same settings as my local network, disconnect the Ethernet cable and can you guess what is coming up yet? yes you’re bang on the money. Nothing! check settings as per prior iConnect setup, Wired = Fine, Wifi = No So that is definitely going to be hard wired, luckly the router is where I need the camera to be!

Thirdly I have a Netgear WN1000RP extender, that again just would not play ball, so a little firmware hacking and I got that sorted.

Finally the decision has been made that in order to connect a few other things in the shack like the Raspberry Pi for WX control and the likes, plus in the lounge the blue-ray player, I am going to run a gigabit hardwired switch so instead of running a million cables through the kitchen I can get away with just the one!

So on the whole not impressed with the plug and play-ability of the Brightbox2, I was told by the Customer Service Advisor that I could plug upto 32 items into the Brightbox2 on looking at the inbuilt web server I see that was a pack of lies 😉

but my workrounds should future proof both the shack and the rest of the house 🙂

UPDATE — The work around is installed in the form of a Procom 8 port gigabit switch and a netgear WN1000RP

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