Baluns and Ununs

After starting reading Jerry Sevick (W2FMI)’s book Understanding and building, and using Baluns and Ununs, I realised that I hadn’t made any lately, so I am going to source the materials to build some of the following

Baluns and Ununs

  • 1:1
  • 4:1
  • 6:1
  • 9:1
  • 11:1

I am thinking of building four sets one high power HF One Low Power HF both Baluns and Ununs, and one set VHF-SHF similarly in Baluns and Ununs these will be fully weatherproofed and all hardware fitted ready to go.

Whilst I am making these I am also looking at making some Big Ugly Baluns and Big Ugly Ununs for HF verticals these will be made on 4″ formers 16″ Long.

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