20m 5/8 wave vertical

I am currently looking for a 13m fishing pole to convert to a 20m 5/8 wave vertical the driven element will be 12.74m long so I then have to move the feed point to approx 1m (this probably means it will be seen by the neighbours too) the radials will be precut to 5m (give or take a few cm’s), what I am not bothered too much about is SWR we’re going to go down the route of Maximum Smoke here.

What I hear you cry, but SWR is everything! No its not a good antenna needs no balun it just needs the correct lengths for you to work with!

So this is a Direct feed project, that we’re going to use some D10 twisted military spec telephone cable (Titanium) in fact this stuff is so strong you can drive a tank over it. But we’re not going to do that we’re going to build a antenna with it.

If I can get two poles cheaply enough I will build two and we can demonstrate phasing harnesses, broadside and the likes as well. My intention is to be able to build this for home use as well as to bung in the back of the car and go mobile.

This will have a permenant page once I have all the materials together, and will include a Video

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